Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Travel Photo Contest

Grand Canyon Moonrise

I’ve entered Darwin Wiggett’s Summer Travel Photo Contest. I like entering Darwin’s contests. There is no rights grab, he posts your image on his blog and shows you the winners. No using your photo until the end of time, just nice and simple. Usually Darwin has some nice prizes. This time he’s giving away gear! The new Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 is up for grabs!

As you can only enter one image in the contest, I had to pare down the candidates quickly. To me, Travel Photography means Iconic images and pictures that tell stories. I immediately turned to my travels for images.

The above image made the short list but it has problems, and I think remembering the moment might be influencing me. We had just hiked the south rim and were looking around the village for a place for supper. I turned around as the moon was rising. I leaned my elbows on the rock wall and shot handheld at 1/40th of a second. I was amazed that I even pulled the shot off, but it is a little soft.

Sunrise on Vishnu Temple from Yaki Point

I was riding the bus around the Grand Canyon. It was an efficient way to travel, with frequent buses and a fairly large coverage area. The morning I headed out to shoot the sunrise, I was waiting in the wrong place to transfer to the bus to Yaki Point. So, I ended up missing the actual sunrise. When I finally got to the edge of Yaki Point, I did manage to find the light coming over the canyon rim and backlighting the trees in my foreground. The Vishnu Temple in the background brings the image together. It was a great memory, being out there in the early morning, very nearly by myself. The question is, does the image translate the feeling into pixels?

Totem Poles at Moonrise

This is the image that I did choose for my contest entry. It was taken at Monument Valley on a Full Moon Tour put on every full moon by Goulding’s. I’ve lit the foreground with some fill light from the Pop-Up Flash. This is a crop that was suggested to me by Darwin last November on his Fire and Ice Photo Tour. You can see this image and my comments on Darwin’s Blog. I hope David likes it!

Make sure you get your entry to Darwin before the contest closes.

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