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Best Twelve Of 2012

As usual, I’m ending this year with a roundup of what I consider to be my best images of the year.

McDougall Sign

February starts our little trip down memory lane with a day trip to Canmore. We stopped on our way out and back at the McDougall Church near Morley, Alberta.



John Fujimagari’s Best Of Twenty Eleven


Looking back on 2011, it was an odd year for me. It was the first year since I got a DSLR that I didn’t make a major trip or take in a workshop. Also, I did not make any major equipment purchases in the year. I did work on improving my post-processing and shoot more in my local area. The above image is a good representation of my work close to home. On a –20C afternoon, I didn’t venture far from our vehicle.


Y’all Come Back Now

Cloud Curl On Rundle

There are a lot of photographers out there who are like bird watchers. The look for a location that they don’t have grab a shot and leave. Darwin calls this group “Trophy Hunters”. There are many pros out there who revisit locations regularly.


What Are You Looking At?

Are You My Friend?

My wife love all kinds of critters, especially dogs. She’s often walking up to people on the street and asking to say hello to their dog.


A Look At My Past

Hobie and Sheila

On the First Anniversary of my blogging efforts, I thought I’d provide a glimpse of my early photographic career.