Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari


Best of a While Back

The best of the slides that I scanned last year.

Burmis Tree In Better Times

The Burmis Tree In Better Times from a Kodachrome slide taken in 1986 at Burmis, AB in the Crowsnest Pass.

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Lesley In Winter

Lesley In Winter


While we were out shovelling snow, our friend and neighbour came over to help. While I was set up from the picture of Sherri from the last post, I convinced Lesley to get her picture taken too. She had been working hard and still had snow on her hat.

In the best light…

Sherri In The Snow

Sherri In The Snow


Dave Brosha has a new project photographing his family. He challenged everyone to do their own family project. I started with the easiest for me to do, my wife Sherri. We were out clearing out the snow from the sidewalks and I stopped and grabbed my camera, flash and a reflector. #‎thefamilyproject‬

In the best light…

Fog On The Flats

Fog On The Flats


I don’t know if it is fog or just low clouds but it was hanging over the Kicking Horse Valley near Field, BC in Yoho National Park, but it sure looked interesting.

In the best light…

Winter Sunshine

Winter Sunshine


On the days in the winter when the sun comes out on newly fallen snow, it looks really amazing.  What else needs to be said?

In the best light…


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