Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari


The Edge Of Twilight

The Edge Of Twilight


The evening light really brought out the red color in the rocks around Sedona. The vegetation absorbed the light making it look even darker than the bare rock formations that reflected the brightness.

In the best light…

Red Rock Glow

Red Rock Glow


Sedona is kind of a magical town, I’m sure that it’s filled with hipsters and all of the trendy people but the area itself and the landscape seem magical to me. The brilliant red rock is everywhere and no matter where you look there’s a great picture.

In the best light…

Before Moonset, Yaki Point

Before Moonset, Yaki Point


In order for the moon to be full, it must be on the opposite side of the earth from the sun. So, moonrise happens at sunset and moonset happens at sunrise. Two days after the full moon the moon is still in the sky when the sun is up. The sun is up high enough to reach into the canyon but hasn’t reached the Colorado River at the bottom of the gorge.

In the best light…

Morning In The Canyon

Morning In The Canyon


Early or late in the day is when I think the Grand Canyon looks the best. The strong cross lighting highlights the deep crevasses in the rock formations showing the textures and patterns of the strata.

In the best light…

Dawn At The Grand Canyon

Dawn At The Grand Canyon


The light comes in hard, the first thing in the morning at the Grand Canyon. When the sun gets above the horizon enough peer deeper into the recesses, it hits the canyon wall creating dark shadows on the formations behind. The early light is very warm looking, giving the coloured rock a deep rich hue.

In the best light…


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