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37 Ford Pickup

'37 Ford Pickup


I think that I might be a little cramped for head room in this old pickup. I’m not a big fan of the chopped top, because I like to sit up and be comfortable, but there is no denying that this is one good looking truck. It’s a very clean appearance and well presented. The gap around the the custom door frame is even all of the way around. I didn’t check underneath but I’m sure there is an adjustable suspension (air or hydraulic) to lift this baby off the pavement.

In the best light…


Deep Purple

Deep Purple


The extended head light eyebrows on this customized 1955 Mercury add an air of mystery to the intense color of this car. The massive chrome bumper adds a weightiness to the front end of a vehicle that has had much of the other chrome trim removed. The fish eye effect of the corner of the bumper gives a view of the street life on show day.

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32 Ford Custom Rod

32 Ford Custom Rod

This 1932 Ford Tudor Sedan was one of my favourite vehicles from the Taber Cornfest Show and Shine. It was well done without anything looking over done or to excess. Everything contributed to the car as a whole. I liked the clean lines, the simple paint and the somewhat understated feel to the vehicle.

I first thought the black car would look good done in a black and white treatment but it felt lacking. The pop of the yellow wheels in the original color image was very attractive. So, at the risk of being ridiculed by my monochrome purist buddies, I dropped my bias against over done Selective Color and used it on the wheels and pinstripe. I had to go back to the RAW image and check to find out that only the upper of the two fine lines of the pinstripe was yellow, the bottom being white. Another example of the attention to details that the owner has made on this fine Street Rod.

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.‘40 Ford Grille

40 Ford Grille


Verticals in photography have long been the standard for magazine covers. With the rise of the Web, I see less of them than before, unfortunately with the advent of smart phones, the videos posted have gone vertical (but that’s another story)! I find there are still many images that lend themselves to the vertical format.

I guess that you could call this a waterfall style grille, with the massive chrome piece coming down the apex of the hood to the uprights for the grille itself. I shot from above to include the hood louvers. I went with a slightly offset angle because I didn’t want the symmetrically balanced frame to seem too static. On a side note, the chrome lever under the word Ford is the hood latch.

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GMC Suburban Carrier Pickup

GMC Carrier Pickup


The GMC Suburban Carrier and it’s sister the Chevrolet Cameo Carrier pickup truck were revolutionary in their time. They were one of the first to have full length styling to the back of the pickup box. The car type rear taillights were quite the departure from the plain taillights and rear ends of previous models. These trucks included full width styled front and rear bumpers. The fenders were also unique. They were made from fibreglass, at the same plant that made fibreglass parts for the Chevy Corvette.

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