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Winter Comes

Winter Comes


What first appeared to be dust on a dirty negative, the tiny flecks all over this image are really large snowflakes that are falling. The bare field will soon be covered in snow.

In the best light…

Industrial Light

Industrial Light


With a tongue in cheek nod to George Lucas, this black and white study is of the fertilizer plant near Carseland, Alberta. Most of the billowing clouds are steam in the sub zero temperatures.

In the best light…

Old Trails

Old Trails


An old vapour trail leads across the sky over the empty winter prairie.

In the best light…

Best of Twenty Sixteen

Cattails In Early Spring

2016 was not a particularly productive year for me, so I limited my selection to ten images. We start the year in March with this marsh scene in black and white. “Cattails In Early Spring”

The Claw


May brought with it a few good aurora storms this one was on the 8th.

“The Claw”


Storm In A Pond


A photo drive through the countryside on Canada Day gave me these two stormy shots.

“Storm In A Pond”

Storm Textures


And this one: “Storm Textures”

I like the painterly look to the clouds in the sky. As I recall, I enhanced the grain to give it a rougher look and a more film like feel.

Rain Or Shine


August had me shooting a wedding for friends. Their reception was in an outdoor tent in a backyard. The thunderstorm did not deter the celebration.

“Rain Or Shine”

Into The Night 


September was the month of the harvest moon. We were late getting out and by the time I was situated the moon had lifted from the horizon. I was still able to capture this shot of a working swather and the moon.

“Into The Night”

Sky Canvas


Throughout the year, I saw many sunsets and a few sunrises. Most of them were great to see. I’ve posted quite a few this year and I don’t know it this was my absolute best, but it was one that I liked a lot.

“Sky Canvas”

Earl's Combine Troubles


Good friends will let you take pictures of them when they are working, even if things aren’t going so well. About this time the fourth combine had gone down. Luckily most were minor difficulties.

“Earl’s Combine Troubles”

Dusk Dust


It was a particularly late harvest in 2016. This shot was taken in late October and the crew worked well into November with a bit of cleanup in December even.

“Dusk Dust”

Sky Line


My final shot in this group comes from November. I was standing outside of the restaurant in Airdrie where we were about to have supper. I looked up at the sunset and saw the jet trail being lit by the same golden tones as the clouds.

“Sky Line”

I hope you have enjoyed my photography as much as I have presenting it to you. Thanks for looking and reading. All the best to you in the New Year!

In the best light…

Morning Colour

Morning Colour


Early morning brings out the colour of the sky in the Canadian Rockies.

In the best light…