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Hazy Sunrise, Monument Valley

Hazy Sunrise, Monument Valley


One of my favourite locations, there is a wealth of photo opportunities around here. I could have spent weeks here and not exhausted my fascination with the place.

In the best light…


Elephant Butte From North Window

Elephant Butte from North Window


Most of Elephant Butte is still shadow by the rock formation to my right. The sun is just touching the top of the butte, while the structures in the open are fully lit.

In the best light…

The Mittens

The Mittens


This week I’m revisiting a place that I’m yearning to actually revisit, Monument Valley. It straddles the Utah-Arizona border within the Navajo Indian reservation. The Navajo Nation operates the Monument Valley Tribal Park and regulates entry to the area.

This scene is one of the most photographed locations. It features both the East and West Mitten as well as Merrick Butte. What you can’t see are the dozens of other photographers on either side of me. Farther into the park and later into the day as well as very early the next day, the crowds thinned dramatically. Shooting the dawn the next day, I practically had the place to myself.

In the best light…

Morning On The Three Sisters

Morning On The Three Sisters


The rich warmth of the early morning sun really saturated the colour in this image. The rocks seem to almost glow with the hues. The horses don’t mind, they are used to it, and go on eating. The horses belong to one of the many families of Navajo that live in Monument Valley, adding to an already colourful scene.

In the best light…

Road To Monument Valley

Road To Monument Valley


In such an iconic place, you know that there will be shots that are similar to others that have been taken at the location. Sometimes that is a good thing. This particular location is very well known to anyone who has seen the movie Forrest Gump. The view from this vantage point was so striking that upon topping the last rise and seeing it for the first time, I just had to stop to take pictures.

In the best light…