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Three Sisters Rays

Three Sisters Rays

The Three Sisters near Canmore, Alberta are a striking mountain formation. Long time readers of my blog will have seen other images of this landmark. In this image, I liked the light rays streaming through the fog.

In the best light…

The City At Night

Orion Over Calgary

Looking over the downtown area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, I noticed that the constellation Orion was hanging above the Calgary Tower. In order to get the stars in the sky to show up, I used a graduated neutral density filter that was mounted upside down to reduce the exposure of the lights of the office buildings.


The Big Giant Head

Big Giant Head

Wonderland is the actual name of the sculpture, but a 12 metre tall wire mesh head sculpture, what else could you call it other than the Big Giant Head. If you were ever a fan of the TV series Third Rock From The Sun, you can’t get the Big Giant Head out of your mind.


Zooming Around Town

City Burst

As Pablo Picasso supposedly once said “Good artist copy, great artists steal”. I met my friends Peter Carroll and Royce Howland out on a hill above downtown Calgary for some night shooting this past weekend. Peter was trying some zooming shots, and so I thought that I might give it a go as well.


Light On The Water

Golden Water

Watching the light on water is one of my favorite pastimes.



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