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Memory Lane – Oct 8, 2008

I’m reposting a day from my trip to Four Corners, from another blog, every Wednesday.

Day One – Calgary to Phoenix

9:07 The flight takes off 5 minutes after the scheduled departure, not bad.

10:30 The kid from hell kicks my seat again, wakes me for the third time. I wonder if you can request a no children section. On the bright side, my Japanese seatmate spoke no English, and I didn’t want to trot out my feeble Japanese, a lot of nodding was involved.

Getting up at 5:00 AM was no picnic, we were at Park ‘n Jet about 6:40 and waiting at the gate by 7:30. I had a reheated breakfast burrito, I wonder why there is no hot food past security, even the Tim Horton’s only had coffee and donuts, and they wouldn’t accept the “Tim’s” card (weird!).

SFO       You’d think an hour and ten minutes to change planes would be plenty considering the flights were booked on the same airline. But wait, just because you booked with United, doesn’t mean you fly on a United aircraft. Apparently our United flight from San Francisco to Phoenix was on a US Airways jet. But wait, the United gate where we deplaned is at the opposite end of SFO from the US Airways gate where we were supposed to board. Nice.


We walked from area G (Gate 97) to area B (Gate 29) the long (wrong) way.

PHX     OK, the Airbus A319 is much roomier than the CRJ 700, we were sitting on the right side of the plane. What’s up with people who get window seats and close the window? 8, count them, 8 windows on the left side of the plane across from me were closed, effectively giving no view on that side. Thankfully, there were no kids on this flight, however, (I think it was) Crocodile Dundee’s mom was sitting directly behind me, and man can that woman talk. She started as soon as we were seated, talked through the canned safety announcement, talked through the Captain’s greeting, and every other announcement, and didn’t stop until the plane did. So we made a hasty exit from the plane, made a quick pit stop and another cross country trek to the baggage carousels. Where we waited and waited, until after the display said all of the baggage was unloaded and the carousel stopped, whereupon I went to the US Airway baggage claim department, and Chuck tracked down our bags. The bags had a worse time getting across the terminal in San Francisco than we did. They lollygagged at SFO and took a later flight to Las Vegas and then on to Phoenix. So we traipsed over to Budget Car Rentals sans checked baggage. Budget replaced the Ford Explorer I booked with a Toyota Highlander, not bad, we’ll see how it handles.  Meanwhile after shopping at Super Target and checking in to the Best Western, we went out to dinner at A&J "Chicago Style" Bar BQ (now closed) and I had some marvellous ribs. Any rib joint where you leave smelling like smoke has got to be good. So, now I sit here blogging while I wait for our wayward suitcases. Imagine, we got to pay $15 per bag for the honour of having them lost.

Sorry no pix today, my shoulders are sore from lugging equipment. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Oh and By The Way, it was 92 degrees F when we landed at Sky Harbour this afternoon.