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Riverside Bungalow And Church

Riverside Bungalow And Church


I thought that the very angular nature of the Riverside Bungalow building contrasted nicely with the rounded domes of the church behind and up the hill from our Bridgeland location. The shot was taken on Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk, led, again, by my friend Gudrun. With the low contrast lighting, caused by the heavy overcast, juxtaposing the two differing shapes made sense to me.

In the best light…


Side Window

Side Window


Shooting from the Peace Bridge, on the recent Worldwide Photo Walk, I noticed that if you stepped back from the opening, the bridge’s structure would frame what you were looking at. So I centered the matching apartment buildings and framed them using the bridge and the autumn foliage below.

In the best light…


Gabriel Without Hat


I was walking back to the restaurant for the post photo walk get together with the walk leader Gudrun, when we had a chance encounter with Gabriel.