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Morning In The Canyon

Morning In The Canyon


Early or late in the day is when I think the Grand Canyon looks the best. The strong cross lighting highlights the deep crevasses in the rock formations showing the textures and patterns of the strata.

In the best light…


Dawn At The Grand Canyon

Dawn At The Grand Canyon


The light comes in hard, the first thing in the morning at the Grand Canyon. When the sun gets above the horizon enough peer deeper into the recesses, it hits the canyon wall creating dark shadows on the formations behind. The early light is very warm looking, giving the coloured rock a deep rich hue.

In the best light…

Afternoon Clouds

Afternoon Clouds


Summer is a great time for evening drives. With the weather getting colder, looking at a picture like this helps warm me up. I don’t remember now if the haze in the distance was dust from the gravel roads or mist after a passing storm. The colours are warm and brilliant in the late afternoon sun.

In the best light…

Castle Detail

Castle Shadows

A quick post of a detail shot of Castle Mountain in Banff National Park. The afternoon light skims the crenulations of the peak. I hope this image will inspire you to get out this weekend and take pictures.

Nikon Coolpix P6000, 15mm, f/4.4, 1/233 sec, ISO 64

In the best light…

Chiaroscuro–The Interplay Of Light And Shadow

Evening Light On Mount Temple

The evening light warms the top of Mount Temple.