Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

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Riverside Bungalow And Church

Riverside Bungalow And Church


I thought that the very angular nature of the Riverside Bungalow building contrasted nicely with the rounded domes of the church behind and up the hill from our Bridgeland location. The shot was taken on Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk, led, again, by my friend Gudrun. With the low contrast lighting, caused by the heavy overcast, juxtaposing the two differing shapes made sense to me.

In the best light…


Light Painting

To me light painting is more than just taking pictures at night. By adding light selectively you can highlight certain features. You can create focal points or change the entire mood of an image. The first two are outdoor images and need to be done when the light is low to see the effect of your added light. Having some light in the sky allows some color and or detail in the sky. Inside, you only need a difference in light level as to be noticeable.

Wagon Moon

Wagon light painted by Catherine. (more…)