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Saving Salmon

Pair Under A Dogwood

The radio program Ideas on CBC had an episode on Saving Salmon. Having witnessed the Adams River sockeye salmon run last year, I was very interested in the thoughts presented in the program. It changed my opinion of farm raised Atlantic salmon and how the farms are affecting the condition of the coastal environment. I no longer purchase farm raised Atlantic salmon from stores or restaurants. It explained how the record high number of returning salmon in the 2010 run was made possible by the fact that it is the only run that travels up the west coast of Vancouver Island, there by avoiding travelling past the 70 some fish farms up through Johnstone Straight and on to the North Pacific.

Listen for yourself and form your own opinions:

In the best light…

Best Photos of Twenty Ten

To close out the year, I thought I’d take you through what I think are my highlights from the past 12 months, followed by the location, comments and shooting info.

Mountain Reflection

April 26 – Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

Sherri and I were staying in Canmore while I attended the Snap Photo Seminar. This was taken on the Bonus Morning Photo Shoot.

Nikon D300s, Nikkor 24-70mm @ 70mm, f/8, 1/50 sec, ISO 200, Gitzo tripod


2011 Adams river Salmon workshop recap (via Kelly Funk’s Blog)

Here’s Kelly Funk’s blog on his workshop I attended on October 16, 2010.

2011 Adams river Salmon workshop recap I believe we nailed this one right on the head in relation to the time frame of this workshop.  The salmon were indeed thick and the opportunities and visual stimuli, virtually endless.   Because we had scouted earlier in the week, we were able to find some beautiful, out of the way locales that provided the participants with all the opportunities 8 hours could supply.   We were  fortunate to run into some very nice folks from the 'Discovery Chan … Read More

via Kelly Funk's Blog

Nature’s Fisher

Heron View

Great Blue Herons are one of my wife’s favourite birds. The ones we usually see in our travels on the prairies have already left for the season. At Adams River, BC the herons were still in the area, feeding on the fishing bounty.  (more…)

Shooting On A Budget

Low Tech

Barbara Zimonick from Kamloops, BC at Adams River shooting video from her “Hockey Stick Cam”. She gaffer taped her waterproof point and shoot to the blade of the hockey stick. After starting the video, she put the camera underwater near the salmon. By moving slowly, she was able to get quite close to the fish. A very ingenious and low cost solution to an interesting problem.  (more…)