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GMC Suburban Carrier Pickup

GMC Carrier Pickup


The GMC Suburban Carrier and it’s sister the Chevrolet Cameo Carrier pickup truck were revolutionary in their time. They were one of the first to have full length styling to the back of the pickup box. The car type rear taillights were quite the departure from the plain taillights and rear ends of previous models. These trucks included full width styled front and rear bumpers. The fenders were also unique. They were made from fibreglass, at the same plant that made fibreglass parts for the Chevy Corvette.

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1950 Chevy 5 Window Pickup

1950 Chevy 5 Window Pickup


One of my favourite pickups, the Chevrolet Advance Design series speaks to me of the post-war era. It was GM’s first major redesign project after World War II in 1947, and the same basic design family was used for all of Chevy and GMC branded trucks. True aficionados can tell by minor changes to small items as to what year these pickup were made. Column shifters instead of the floor, hood emblems, driver side cowl vent, vent windows, push button rather than twist door handles, and in the penultimate year (1954) a one piece windshield.

Black and white seemed to be the way to go with this all black pickup. Even the white wall tires pointed the way for post processing.

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El Camino!

El Camino!


El Camino, Spanish for “the way”, Chevrolet’s car-truck speaks of the open road. Based on the Chevy Chevelle, the El Camino is mostly a two door Chevelle minus a back seat and trunk, replaced with a pickup box. Introduced in 1959 to compete with the Ford Ranchero, they were only produced for two years. Brought back in 1964 the El Camino remained in the Chevrolet line up until 1987. They had the versatility of a pickup and the nicer ride of a car.

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Car Shows For All

Old Ford Dually Super Cab

Summer is a great time for car shows, and car shows are a great opportunity for photography. There are often interesting and photogenic vehicles. The owners usually enjoy talking about the the various customizations that they have done on their vehicles. The above Ford pickup from the 1940’s didn’t come from the factory as a Super Cab, nor was it born with dual rear wheels. This custom also has a modern engine and running gear. Check out the next car show in your area to see what you can find.

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Custom Chevy Pickup

Custom 1972 Chevrolet Pickup

I was shooting mostly five frame brackets at the Didsbury Show And Shine on our photowalk there. This one was no exception. After running the 5 images through Photomatix, I found the image to be quite unbalanced. The front part of the pickup was cool and even until you got past the driver’s door. where the light reflecting from the brick buildings was leaving a red color cast on the rear pickup box. I applied some cooling to the back of the pickup and some warming to the front of the truck. I also desaturated some of the crowd to make them to look more natural. The shadows were quite deep on a single frame, so I tried to keep a distinct shadow in the blended image.

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