Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

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Try Again

Light In The Lake

This was my second attempt at shooting the edge of the ice and the water backlit.



Ice Crusts

Stump In The Ice

As spring slowly approaches, the ice releases it’s grip on our lakes and rivers. Where it can’t stay in open water, it hangs on to the edges and surfaces protruding from the water.


Reeds On The Lake

Sproingy Curves

The reeds in Vermillion Lakes are quite interesting the repeating curves attracted my eye. Find what to shoot and how to do that was another question.


It’s In The Details

Warm Spring Detail

Near Vermillion Lakes #3 there are warm springs that feeds into the lake that keeps that water open nearly year round. I found one that started on the other side of the road. The algae was thriving in the warm water and the steam coming off of the surface in the cold weather, caused droplets of ice to form on the stems of the grasses above the water line. It has to be far enough above the warm water so the ice doesn’t melt, and higher, the mist doesn’t coagulate and form on the grass stems. It is an interesting process that would be easy to miss. This little puddle wasn’t very photogenic as a whole, but by moving in close and seeing the details, I was able to find an interesting image.

In the best light…

By The Lakeside

Mt Rundle And Vermillion Lakes 3

Nearly everyone who photographs near the town of Banff, in Banff National Park, shoots Mount Rundle from Vermillion Lakes.