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Kootenay Plain Or Fancy?

Ice on the Lakeshore


Reading Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou’s new eBook about Kootenay Plain and Abraham Lakes got me thinking about my own images from the area.



Darwin’s Special Places

Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou have brought us another great eBook via their website This time they are out to the Kootenay Plains and Abraham Lake.


So You Think You Know Yoho?


Yoho National Park is the latest in Darwin Wiggett’s best selling series How To Photograph The Canadian Rockies. Darwin and Samantha have collaborated on this, the newest. The eBooks are now being published by their website .

Yoho is one of the least known yet heavily trafficked of Canada’s Rocky Mountain National Parks. The Tran-Canada Highway bisects the entire park. Safe pullouts are few and many have no good view. Darwin and Sam point out the the best photographic locations from their extensive travels in the park. They detail the sights on each of the few roads within the park.


Dave Brosha Rocks Cochrane


On Saturday afternoon those lucky enough to have seats at Dave Brosha’s Mastering Environmental Light Seminar in Cochrane were treated to simple techniques to improve your photography.