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A flower close up, taken on an oopoomoo,com workshop in Trochu, Alberta at the Trochu Arboretum.

In the best light…


The Old Barn

Old Barn

I’m revisiting a couple of older images that I’ve reprocessed using new tools. I hope you enjoy.

This image was taken near Leader, Saskatchewan, Canada on’s Extreme Saskatchewan 2010. I used Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro 2 to do the black and white conversion.

In the best light… workshops

Waving Grasses

My friends Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett, and their website have started a Facebook Workshop group. 

You are invited to join the group where you can find out more about workshops and have interesting discussions with fellow photographers.

The above image was taken at an workshop, Badlands, Buicks and Old Buildings in 2012 near Trochu, Alberta, based out of St Ann Ranch.

In the best light… Turns Two


Dynamic Duo

comp-1-400x600[1] see-1-400x600[1]

I actually found out that my friends Darwin Wiggett & Samantha Chrysanthou had released two new eBooks on back in March, I’m finally getting around to reviewing both of them. Although, ostensibly the books are aimed at a beginner audience, Composition Basics and Learning to See are valuable for more experienced photographers as well.

Composition Basics gets into detail on tone and color, under the heading of Primary Elements. Secondary Elements covers Line, Shape, Texture, Pattern and Perspective. They also cover Weight and Tension, both concepts that I need to work with more. Visual mapping is something new to me as well. I haven’t gotten as far as actually marking up copies of my images, but that might be next. In workshops that I’ve taken with Sam and Darwin, I’ve been lectured on Pokies, Blobs and Mergies (you’ll find out). Examples is something of a study in exploration. How you could get past viewing an icon and find more.

Learning to See is more of a companion book to Composition Basics. I see it as “get over yourself, shut up and shoot”. It’s full of Self-Assignments; which I will get around to eventually. Learning to See is a much harder book to describe. You’ll want to read it with a notebook nearby to jot down ideas from Self-Assignments to complete in the field. If you’ve ever thought about “your own style” this is a book you should study thoroughly

Composition Basics is for sale at $15 and Learning to See is $10. The best deal is to buy both eBooks at the same time for $20 and save yourself $5. They are a must have in the library of anyone learning photography. A dynamic duo of photographic education from a dynamic duo of authors.

In the best light…