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Falls in Maligne Canyon from Bridge #1

We were headed up the Maligne Lake Road when we saw a sign that read Maligne Canyon. Sherri said “What’s That?” I said “I don’t know, I’ve never been there.” Then let’s go.” she replied. So we found ourselves in a largish parking lot next to a Teahouse and what appeared to be trail heads. What caught our attention was a herd of deer in the parking lot. We took a good number of frames of the deer in their various poses. At some point I turned to my wife and asked “Is that a waterfall I hear?” We wandered toward the sound I was hearing and found a path along side of a rushing creek that had been carving it’s way into the rock below it. The patterns worn into the rock were amazing. Farther down the trail I came across a bridge over looking this falls. Of course my trusty 25 year old aluminum Manfrotto tripod was left behind in our vehicle. My beloved carbon fibre Gitzo was still waiting on parts, after breaking it at Allstones Creek on the ice. I was growing tired of the extra weight of the aluminum and thought I could get along without it on a short walk. It was darker in the slot canyon where this waterfall was located. I was worried about camera shake with a slower shutter speed with no VR on the 24-70mm. I rested the edge of the camera on the bridge and managed to pull off a sharp image. I could have run back and got the tripod but I didn’t have the energy.

D300s, 24-70mm @ 24mm, 1/80th sec, f/8.0