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The Speed Of Mountain Light

Cloud Wrap

Photography is all about light and shadows. Nowhere does that change quicker than in the mountains.


Mountains In The Mist

Near Quartz Creek

The weather has really been co-operating for creating amazing scenery. The roads and driving hasn’t been the greatest but that’s winter.


To The Porcupine Hills

Along The Porcupine Hills

I always enjoy the drive south of Calgary, Alberta down Highway 22. Usually for me, it means bad weather elsewhere. I get directed down Hwy. 22 and onto Hwy. 3 when the Trans-Canada gets closed down for a long period of time.


Just Another Mountain View?

Cascade Mountain

Every week I head west through Banff National Park, and am treated to some of the most spectacular views in the world.


Winter Sunsets

Sunset Fields

On our last trek of the year we found a little sunset color on our drive around the countryside. For a few minutes time and a few litres of gas, I wasn’t disappointed.