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Above The Kaibab Trail

Above The Kaibab Trail


Evening falls on the Grand Canyon and it gets dark quickly deep in the recesses. From this vantage point, you can see the Kaibab Trail, one of the main paths to the canyon floor, and the Colorado River far below.

In the best light…

Golden Light On The North Rim

Golden Light on the North Rim


The sun sets quickly in Arizona compared to here above the Fiftieth Parallel. The shadows are deep and dark in the interior of the Grand Canyon. Preserving the details in all of that dimness can be a chore. The highlighted formations stand out.

In the best light…

Hikers’ Rest

Hikers' Rest


Two hikers take some time out of their day at the Grand Canyon to sit and read in the last of the sun’s rays for the day. The late afternoon light gives off a warm glow on the light coloured rocks.

In the best light…

Canyon View From The Rim Trail

Canyon View from the Rim Trail


Meanwhile, back at the Grand Canyon, there is just so much to see and although it is recognizable every shot seems to be different. Taken in the late afternoon, I like the sun highlighting the formations on the opposite rim. It shows off the interesting patterns in the way that the erosion has worked it’s magic on the strata of the canyon.

In the best light…

Colorado River From Desert View

Colorado River From Desert View


If you haven’t seen it before, grand is just a word. The tiny looking Colorado River below supports both Lake Powell near Page, AZ and Lake Mead near Las Vegas, NV, and many others. The twenty five miles from here at Desert View to the Grand Canyon Village is less than one tenth the distance of the entire Grand Canyon. It is up to 18 miles wide and over 6000 feet deep in places. Grand indeed.

In the best light…