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Golden Light On The North Rim

Golden Light on the North Rim


The sun sets quickly in Arizona compared to here above the Fiftieth Parallel. The shadows are deep and dark in the interior of the Grand Canyon. Preserving the details in all of that dimness can be a chore. The highlighted formations stand out.

In the best light…


Colorado River From Desert View

Colorado River From Desert View


If you haven’t seen it before, grand is just a word. The tiny looking Colorado River below supports both Lake Powell near Page, AZ and Lake Mead near Las Vegas, NV, and many others. The twenty five miles from here at Desert View to the Grand Canyon Village is less than one tenth the distance of the entire Grand Canyon. It is up to 18 miles wide and over 6000 feet deep in places. Grand indeed.

In the best light…

Mammoth Hot Springs

After arriving in Gardiner, Montana and checking in at the Travelodge, we headed into Yellowstone National Park’s North Entrance.

Travertine Terraces

From the North Entrance, Mammoth Hot Springs is the first Thermal Feature you will encounter. Palette Springs has a mineral slope and terraced pools lower down.  (more…)

Bones of the Earth

Bones of the Earth, originally uploaded by johnfuj.

The Pines and Spruce trees grow in rows along the rock outcropping here. We’re located in the foothills of Alberta west of Calgary. In this area there are many places where the geological features include rock ridges running at angles to the lay of the land. I believe they are from ancient faults that lifted the former bedrock to form the nearby Rocky Mountains. Where these rock still show through the soil of the land, my wife Sherri calls them the “Bones of the Earth”. I find it odd that the evergreen trees commonly grow near or amongst the rocks, yet the (as yet unleafed) aspen trees grow in the fertile valley bottom land. I can see this location from the highway, and was finally able to photograph it, while we were on our way to the Snap Photo Seminars in Canmore. I may adjust and replace this image, as the sky color doesn’t look quite right on my laptop. I have color calibrated my laptop screen with Spyder Express 2, but am never sure I’m viewing it at the correct angle. More from Canmore soon.