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Dust Glow

Dust Glow


Farmers often harvest late into the night, but I find the late afternoon can be the most picturesque. In this canola field, the dry stalks and husks are chopped fine and sprayed out behind to be reincorporated to the soil. The strong backlighting caused the bright areas to be a little overblown but still in keeping with the feel of the scene. The sun approaching the horizon nicely added the warm golden coloured light, capturing the feel of the warm autumn.

In the best light…


Duststorm Approacheth

Dust Storm Approacheth

At the Cypress Summer 1986 photo workshop with Courtney Milne, the participants were lucky enough to observe a wide variety of weather conditions. As usual, I was one of the last to get up from shooting before the front hit us.

In the best light…

House Of The Spider Woman

Duststorm over Spider Rock

This is a location that is prominent in Navajo folklore and their creation myth. It is also one of the most spectacular sights I’ve ever seen. The spire rises 750 feet from the canyon floor, and if you enlarge the image, you can see the tents of the campers near the base of the monument.

In the best light…

No Problems With Dust And Haze

Prairie Afternoon

If you are out shooting pictures and you think there is too much haze or dust in the air, take advantage of it.