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Flora MacDonald

Flora MacDonald//

I found this image while going through old slides to scan. I encountered Flora MacDonald on the street in downtown Calgary during the 1988 Winter Olympics. She was the Minister of Communications at the time and was happy to take a moment to allow me to take her picture. After I found the slide, I looked her up and found that she had just passed away July 26, 2015. She was one of the few politicians that I have met that deserve respect, and a great Canadian.

In the best light…


Calgary Aglow

Calgary Aglow

Calgary is a great city to photograph. Mike Fitton and I were up on Meredith Road NE to overlook the downtown core of the city for sunset. We didn’t get much color in the sky but there was lots of twinkling lights in the office towers. The Christmas lights on the outside of the Telus Building showed up nicely.

In the best light…

A Monochrome Day


When out on a photo walk, the rate of travel is often much less than the other traffic along the pathways. After being passed by the pair of joggers above, I thought the addition of the human element was more interesting than the previously empty sidewalk.