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Deer Fields

Deer Fields

Driving around on the back roads is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon, but also a great source of material. We were motoring down a gravel road when we saw this doe standing on the edge of a small valley. I stopped the truck, rolled down the window and snapped a few quick shots. This is the one I liked the most. I find opportunistic the most common for me. I shoot pictures of what I come across.

In the best light…


Fence Lines

Fence Line

I found this view looking down the line of the fence line. I thought the vertical line along with all of the  horizontal and diagonal lines, and the nice curve came together to make a nice composition.

So, I’m standing there looking at all of the nice lines and angles, hanging on to my tripod and taking my pictures. What I don’t notice, until I get the image on my computer screen, is the herd of deer from further up the hill earlier in the evening (they are about halfway up on the right hand side of the frame). So I guess they were really still or I was totally focused on the fences.

Do you get so engrossed with your photography that you fail to notice some details?

In the best light…

A Lone Buck

Lone Buck

After the herd in Wednesday’s blog post passed our location and went out of view, a single male deer followed at a distance. I again used the widest aperture on my Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 to keep the buck in the sharpest focus. I placed the deer in the lower corner, loosely following the “Rule of Thirds”. The dark areas of foliage create a circular flow to return the eye to the buck. In the short time we visited the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park we came back with a large number of excellent images.

In the best light…

The Herd Up The Draw

The Herd Up The Draw

On the way to the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park we spotted a herd of deer making their way up into the hills. I used my Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 wide open to try to make the background go out of focus. The late afternoon sun threw warm light on the distant hills.

In the best light…

A Bit Of Wildlife

Canola Doe

After seeing John E. Marriott’s spectacular wildlife at his seminar Tall Tales, Long Lenses: Bears, Wolves And a Million Bucks, I was inspired to post a few of my wildlife shots.