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Windswept, The Burmis Tree

Windswept, The Burmis Tree


Purportedly the most photographed tree in Alberta. This shot was taken in the late 1980’s is a side view of the famous  tree. It shows the directionality of the branches, forced to point east by the strong westerly winds.

Earlier this year, I posted what would be considered a frontal view.

In the best light…


Burmis Tree In Better Times

Burmis Tree In Better Times


The Burmis Tree, aka The Twisted Tree, stands at the eastern entrance to the Crowsnest Pass in Southern Alberta. It died in the late 1970’s, so was already 8-10 years dead when I made this photograph. Since taking this image in 1986 or 7 the poor tree has been blown over in a windstorm and vandalized. Both times local supporters helped repair the damage and prop up the branches. It is said to be the most photographed tree in Alberta, possibly in Canada.

Nikon FM, Nikkor 50mm f/1.4, Kodachrome 64, Epson V600, Adobe Photoshop CC, Nik Software Color Efex Pro 

In the best light…