Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

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Bloom On The Bow

Bloom On The Bow


Bloom is a public art piece that was installed in 2015 on St Patrick’s Island across from the East Village in downtown Calgary. It can be accessed from the Bow River Pathway on the north or RiverWalk on the south via the George C. King pedestrian bridge.

In the best light…


Fuchsia Coloured Flowers

Fuchsia Coloured Flowers


A bush with brightly coloured flowers caught my eye at the Reader Rock Garden near Stampede Park in Calgary.

In the best light…

Spring Blossoms

Mayday Blossoms

Spring seem to be a long time coming this year. I finally got a chance to get out with my macro lens to get a few close ups of the blooms.

Saskatoon Blossoms

The upper image is of our Mayday tree flowers and this bottom image is of Saskatoon berry bush blossoms. Both are from our yard. Proving that you don’t have to go far for good subjects.

In the best light…

Canola Summer

Dreams Of Yellow

One of my favorite local pursuits is to shoot the brilliant color of the canola in bloom.