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Aurora With Colour Streaks

Aurora With Colour Streaks


When I’m out at night shooting Aurora, the camera always picks up more than I can see with my naked eyes. There has to be some really intense colour for me to see it. My wife Sherri has an uncanny ability to see the nearly invisible colours in the aurora and can usually point me in the right direction.

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Aurora Highway

Aurora Highway


Saturday night rolls in and I’m just settling down with the computer. The first post I read is one from a buddy of mine that says head outside and look up, you can see the northern lights inside the City of Calgary! I’m thinking, can it be? So, I check the Space Weather Report and sure enough, a G3 event is underway. I race upstairs and roust Sherri, who’s just getting ready for bed and I pack up the camera gear to load the truck. We’re out in 5 minutes and on location in another 5. Our spot, next to the busiest highway in the province. This shot takes advantage of the location to add taillight highlights to the composition.

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Sky Wash

Sky Wash


From the New Year’s Eve Aurora show.

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Best Auroras of 2015

Aurora Sunrise 

I was up north of Yellowknife in March when I took this shot (8 seconds handheld). The sun will soon rise. I saw the aurora most nights when travelling in the north but, sadly, wasn’t able to stop very often.

Aurora At The Pond

It was a while since I had last shot images of the northern lights and I still had to refine my technique. In this shot the exposure was too long and the stars started to create trails. This time west of Carstairs.

Y Marks The Spot

During the summer, I was able to get out to see the aurora a few times. Here we are at a pond east of Didsbury.

I Love The Nightlife//

I saw this beauty in November, just east of the QE2 Highway near Carstairs.

There Be Dragons

December saw me out late for more aurora hunting, to make this catch.

I hope everyone had a great year of photography and wish that 2016 be your best year yet!

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Best Of Twenty Fifteen

My best, In the order that they were taken. I did a lot of post processing on older images, which I did not include. Only images shot in the last year are being shown.

Sherri In The Snow

January 6 – Sherri In The Snow – After shovelling snow off of our sidewalks, I ran in the house to grab my camera and flash to take this shot of my wife Sherri.

Sky Waves

March 24 – Sky Waves – Heading north out of Ft. Providence, NWT, I noticed these strange clouds and quickly grabbed a shot.

Ahead Of The Crowd

May 9 – Ahead Of The Crowd – There is always a wealth of photo opportunities for automobile aficionados at the Didsbury Show and Shine. I often take a snap of a sign or other owner provided info on a vehicle, to correctly identify it later. I didn’t have any ID on this car and had to do an extensive search on the internet to determine that this was a 1937 Pontiac.

Iris Garden

May 23 – Iris Garden – Flowers are great subjects and for me, backlighting only improves them. Blooms were in abundance at the Reader Rock Garden. Located across from the Stampede Grounds, it’s one of the lesser known inner-city parks.

The Lions Sleep Tonight

May 23 – The Lions Sleep Tonight – Later that same night, we relocated to Crescent Road where I shot this great view of the Centre Street Bridge and it’s iconic Lions

To The Horizon

September 25 – To The Horizon – Harvest time in Central Alberta near Trochu. A John Deere combine works the field. By it’s position near the top of a rise, the main body of the harvester is shown above the horizon, as is the dust cloud trailing behind.


October 3 – Gudrun – On Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk our leader, my friend Gudrun showed us through the Calgary community of Bridgeland.  We stopped for a moment and I took the opportunity to make this impromptu portrait.


October 17 – Remember – Another photowalk, this time hosted by my friend Neil Zeller. We started out at the Peace Bridge and worked our way down to Poppy Plaza, where I captured this image.

Simmons Building

December 8 – Simmons Building – In the city for an appointment and a gallery opening later, we had a couple of hours between. I decided to head over to the East Village to scout about. I saw the old painted on signage and had to get a shot.

Aurora And Moonset Over Carstairs

December 20 – Aurora And Moonset Over Carstairs – I was just getting ready for bed when I checked the Aurora forecast. It looked good, really good, so I went out. Not much was happening when I got, away from the street lights. Not much happened the first hour and I thought I got skunked, but decided to wait. Am I glad that I did, the next two hours were amazing but by 3 AM I had to turn in, even though it was still going on.

These were what I chose to be my best from 2015. I hope you enjoyed them.

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