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Analogue To Digital

Analogue To Digital

Fun on the photo walk. I was thinking that many people have never seen the viewfinder of a medium format camera. So, I thought why not Live View for the Mamiya? Enjoy!

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The Picture That Restarted My Photographic Life


I took this picture of my wife Sherri with a 2 megapixel Nokia cell phone. It was actually my second camera phone. The first was a Motorola phone that took 640×480 images that were really bad. As a consequence I didn’t use the Motorola’s camera except for the most utilitarian photos. The Nokia slider model that I bought had an actual shutter release button on the outside of the case and handled like a tiny point and shoot camera.

I love the light in this shot. It’s natural light coming in from windows on either side of her. This showed me, that even with a less capable camera, I could still create a pleasing image. I got this camera phone in 2006 which was about fifteen years since I had done any significant amount of shooting with my film Nikon cameras. I bought Sherri a point and shoot APS film camera in about 2000. I had drooled over the Kodak DCS digital bodies with their Nikon F-Mount in the mid 1990’s, but the $24,000.00 price point was a significant drawback at the time (it still would be, for that matter). A friend of mine had purchased a Sony Mavica digital camera which recorded images onto a 3½” floppy disks! I think that it was nearly $800 at the time. I thought that was too much, and the price of digital wouldn’t be coming down significantly for a long time to come and the APS cameras would be around for the foreseeable future. Boy, how wrong can you be? I don’t think we shot 10 rolls of APS film with that point and shoot.

After getting the Nokia, I don’t think we used the APS camera again. I shot with the camera phone regularly until late in 2007, when I bought my Nikon D80 (the camera that my wife now uses). I shot over 8000 frames with the D80 before I pre-ordered the Nikon D300s in 2009. In the last 2 years, I’ve shot over 14,000 images with the D300s and another 5000 with my P6000. That isn’t a huge amount by most fulltime pro’s standards, but I’ve been steadily increasing how much I’ve been shooting. This year, inspired by my friends Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou, I started shooting film again, with the help of a few “new to me” old cameras. My friends Barry Ryziuk and Dave Pattinson convinced me that a new iPhone was also what I needed. So, I’ve added iPhoneography to my efforts, bringing me full circle to the cell phone image above that inspired me to live a photographic life again.

Do you aspire to live a photographic life?

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Nikon 1–Potential Game Changer


I was able to get my hands on an pre-production copy of the Nikon 1 at  The Camera Store’s Digital Photo Expo on Sunday.


Daisies In The Wind

Daisies In The Wind

When everything won’t keep still for a perfectly sharp picture, take an unsharp picture! Actually I made it even less sharp by going for the slowest shutter speed that I could get. First I set the ISO to Low 1.0 a full stop below the in spec minimum of 200 ISO but I wanted to limit the depth of field by using an f/2.8 aperture.  In the available light that morning, the shutter speed should have been about 1/800 sec, which would have stopped most things, but I used a Singh-Ray Vari-N-Duo filter to reduce the light getting to the sensor and increasing the time my shutter was open. So at 1/25 sec you see some nice movement in the flower heads.

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Friday Film With People


I met my buddy Sean for coffee at Guy’s Cafe & Bakery in Cochrane a few weeks ago.