Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari


Flora MacDonald

Flora MacDonald//

I found this image while going through old slides to scan. I encountered Flora MacDonald on the street in downtown Calgary during the 1988 Winter Olympics. She was the Minister of Communications at the time and was happy to take a moment to allow me to take her picture. After I found the slide, I looked her up and found that she had just passed away July 26, 2015. She was one of the few politicians that I have met that deserve respect, and a great Canadian.

In the best light…


Best of a While Back

The best of the slides that I scanned last year.

Burmis Tree In Better Times

The Burmis Tree In Better Times from a Kodachrome slide taken in 1986 at Burmis, AB in the Crowsnest Pass.


Out For A Run

Out For A Run


Back in 1987, I did a self assignment for the book, Calgary: A Year in Focus. I went for a ride along with the Calgary Police Service, Canine Unit. I spent the day with the unit photographing the team in their work.

One of the officers goes for a run with his dog in an empty field in one of the industrial areas of Calgary.

In the best light.

Windswept, The Burmis Tree

Windswept, The Burmis Tree


Purportedly the most photographed tree in Alberta. This shot was taken in the late 1980’s is a side view of the famous  tree. It shows the directionality of the branches, forced to point east by the strong westerly winds.

Earlier this year, I posted what would be considered a frontal view.

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Pre Dawn Light 2

Pre Dawn Light 2


This is a new edit of one of the first pictures that I had large printed back in the 1980’s. I had an inter-negative shot on 4”x5” film and printed on 16”x20” paper. The photo finisher had control of the final look of the print. I could request changes after it was printed. I had done my own black and white printing but had not mastered colour printing.

Now when I’m ready to have the image printed, I’ve already taken control of how I want the image to appear.

Nikon FM, Tamron 70-210mm, Manfrotto 055, Agfachrome, Epson V600 scanner, Adobe Photoshop CC, Nik Color Efex Pro 

In the best light…