Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari


Olympic Colours 1988

Olympic Colours 1988


Although this image was  photographed outside, when I looked at the slide, it reminded me of a stained glass church window. Taken at the Calgary Zoo in February of 1988 on Kodachrome film.

In the best light…


Is It Art?

Lipalian Autumn

I was indecisive about this image. I kept trying different approaches to my post-processing and nothing felt right to me. I thought I’d throw everything out the window and try something new. I have always liked my friend Roberta Murray’s artistic interpretations of her images but didn’t want to copy what she does. So I started fiddling with the filters in Photoshop. By combining a couple of different effects I came up with this composition. I thought it had an artistic look to it, and sort of a Group of Seven feel to it.

Do you create more artistic images?

In the best light…

April Snowstorms Bring June Flowers

Peony Hybrid


After the worst spring in my memory, spring has finally arrived. It was into June before I had my first week without snow!


Light Painting

To me light painting is more than just taking pictures at night. By adding light selectively you can highlight certain features. You can create focal points or change the entire mood of an image. The first two are outdoor images and need to be done when the light is low to see the effect of your added light. Having some light in the sky allows some color and or detail in the sky. Inside, you only need a difference in light level as to be noticeable.

Wagon Moon

Wagon light painted by Catherine. (more…)

Colorized Black and White

Farmland Flood

I had seen many very old hand coloured black and white pictures from before color film became popular. For a long time it was the only way to get color photographs. My first encounter with modern hand colorized or tinted prints was an article in Photo Life in 1985 or ‘86 by Mary Ellen McQuay. I was quite taken by Mary Ellen’s technique and simple images that were visually stunning. I looked into doing prints like hers and found the work would be quite demanding and detailed. Naturally that idea was shelved. (more…)