Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

West Fork Little Soda Canyon Before Dawn

West Fork Little Soda Canyon Before Dawn


Not being a morning person, you know that when I get up on my own and am out shooting before the sun comes up, there is something special going on. Mesa Verde National Park is an amazing place! I was incredibly well rested, sleeping at over 8000 ft. elevation. The Far View Lodge is very comfortable, but don’t expect things like TV to disrupt your stay. As it was, it was dark by the time we returned to the room after dinner, and little to do but sleep. After I slipped quietly from the room, it was like I had the whole park to myself. Far View does live up to it’s name. It is nearly fifty mile to the distant ridge on the horizon at the right. In the nearer distance, the scrub oaks and other shrubs are starting to turn to their fall foliage.

In the best light…


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