Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

1950 Chevy 5 Window Pickup

1950 Chevy 5 Window Pickup


One of my favourite pickups, the Chevrolet Advance Design series speaks to me of the post-war era. It was GM’s first major redesign project after World War II in 1947, and the same basic design family was used for all of Chevy and GMC branded trucks. True aficionados can tell by minor changes to small items as to what year these pickup were made. Column shifters instead of the floor, hood emblems, driver side cowl vent, vent windows, push button rather than twist door handles, and in the penultimate year (1954) a one piece windshield.

Black and white seemed to be the way to go with this all black pickup. Even the white wall tires pointed the way for post processing.

In the best light…


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