Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Northern Skies

A photo essay for Dave Brosha’s workshop group on Facebook

First Light On Snow Covered Pines

You are always aware of the cold in the north. You can never take it for granted. I came out without putting on my gloves and went to reach for the metal stair rail, then thought better of it and quickly put on my gloves.

Road To Yellowknife


Your glasses seem to fog up a lot. The ice is ever present. Forgetting to step cautiously is at your own peril.

Ice Road Sunset

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t just freezing temperatures up here. The days are shorter, but not appreciably less than Central Alberta at this time of year.

Ice Road Selfie


The sun doesn’t rise very high above the horizon but this gives more time with interesting light and longer shadows, which in turn gives more definition.

Predawn Skyline


Blue Hour seems to last a long time, and if pastels are your favorite, boy, are you in for a big treat.

Northern Dream 


The colors of the North West Territories run from the subtle to the sublime. Snap Lake Sunrise

The blues and pinks have dominated for me running from shades of off white to the deepest richest Royal Blue or brilliant Fuchsia.

After The Fire

Perhaps it is different in other times of the year but the warm colors stick close to the sun. The cool tones suit what I have been seeing.

Ferry And Bridge


Clouds fly across the sky, changing each day.

Lights At Night

The nights put on a display unequalled anywhere.

Morning Skyline

The cusp of the day is where I find my joy in photography.

In the best light…


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