Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Best of Twenty Fourteen

Hello 2014

There’s nothing like starting the year off with a bang. We went out for a drive the evening of New Year’s Day and I was able to capture this lovely sunset.

I’ll take you through the past year chronologically if you will just bear with me.

Light In The Storm


My first week back at work in January found me stuck on a closed highway (due to an accident) at Sorrento, BC. It was snowing fairly heavily when I looked across at this church. I wandered across the road with my Nikon P6000 point and shoot and got a fairly respectable hand held shot at 1.1 seconds. White balance was a nightmare with the cross being lit by, I think, fluorescents and the orange sodium vapour street lights in the foreground. Eliminating the colour was an obvious choice because other than the two light sources, there was no colour in the frame.

Hillside Grove


Back near home in calmer weather, a snow covered pasture, some bare trees and shadows worked together to create the type of black and white that I’m fond of making.

Vermillion Ice


There are days that I just have to get out and go take pictures in the mountains. This was a few days after Sherri’s birthday and as I recall, I combined my photo jaunt with dinner out. The ice was good and thick for my venture out, but I didn’t get too far from shore.

Down The Road


Occasionally I will look outside in the afternoon and try to size up the sunset a few hours ahead of time. If you see a great sunset and don’t have camera in hand and a good vantage point, you aren’t likely to get a good shot. So, for me it’s checking out my camera and batteries, loading one of my camera bags, hauling everything out to the truck, not forgetting my tripod. Then it’s get Sherri, some water and snacks, and we’re off. And, on some random country road, you’ll come across a scene like this.

Baby Cow


Sherri has a friend who lets her come out to her farm and visit the animals and pet the horses. They had cows that were expecting and asked Sherri to look in on them when we were out there. We got to witness this little guy being born and came back the next day and I got this great shot.



I was just playing with my 80-400mm in the living room doing some focus testing. I thought the flowers made a nice subject. Lit by a north window.

Red Sunrise At Lac Des Arc

Forest fire smoke played a huge part in lighting this scene. The fires were burning to the north in and out of Banff National Park. Highway 11 was closed west of Nordegg. You could smell the smoke in the air. The sun was barely able to throw enough light to get this shot.

Build A Head Of Steam


One of our favourite events is the Annual Reunion at Pioneer Acres in Irricana, Alberta. They have trucks and farm tractors of all types but I really like the old steam powered beasties. A slow shutter helped to capture movement in the flywheel.

City Of Light


October had me back at Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. I hadn’t preregistered for the walk like I usually do and had other plans. When they fell through at the last moment my friend Gudrun posted an opening in the Calgary-Kensington walk that she was leading. I jumped on that opportunity and got registered. I’m glad that I did, this image was the winning picture from the walk.

Gabriel Without Hat


This was another memorable image from the WWPW. I tried to get this guy’s picture and he held his hand up in front of my lens. Ok, but after, we must have talked for twenty minutes on the sidewalk. He then said that we were friends and that it would be alright to photograph him.

Storm On Inglismaldie


I went out to Banff with my friend Dave Brosha and we were out at Lake Minnewanka. I pointed up to the top of Mount Inglismaldie and said that was where all of the action was. Dave said “then you’d better get it”. D’oh, I switched lenses and there it was.

Katie In B&W


Katie was one of the models for Dave Brosha’s Creative Bootcamp 2014 Calgary. We learned lighting and many other things. This was a one light setup.




Again at Dave Brosha’s Creative Bootcamp, a time of intense work and an immersion into creativity from all of the instructors and participants. I got to photograph Meg on quite a few sessions. This image using clamshell lighting was one of my favourite.

For those who didn’t know, I’ve started a J W Fujimagari Photography page on Facebook. Please Like it if you get a chance.

In the best light…


2 responses

  1. Amazing and captivating photos.


    December 26, 2014 at 16:55

  2. Beautiful photographs, with “Down The Road” and “City Of Light” being my absoulte favorites! 🙂


    December 26, 2014 at 17:28

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