Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Majorville Medicine Wheel

Majorville Medicine Wheel

Back in the 1980’s there was no Internet widely available to the general public, So when my wife told me that she wanted to see an aboriginal medicine wheel, it was no easy thing. I got on the phone and just started dialling. I ended up talking to someone from the University of Alberta, who gave us directions to the medicine wheel.

Nikon FM, Tamron 17mm, Kodachrome 64

Medicine Wheel Sunrise

As I remember it, we went sometime in February of ‘86 or ‘87. We arrived when it was pitch dark out side, and made a quick supper on the gas stove we brought. After sitting up for a while, not running the car all night seemed to be a good idea as we were a long way from a gas station. We climbed into a sleeping bag in the back seat. We awoke hours before sunrise with frost hanging down on the inside of the car. We fired up the engine to warm up and made breakfast on the stove. To warm up more, we walked up the hill to the medicine wheel with the aid of flashlights. At dawn, I captured the sun breaking over the capstones. For the technically minded, this image was shot on Ektachrome Tungsten film, causing the deep blue color in the sky. The upper image was taken later in the morning.

Nikon FM, Nikkor 50mm, Ektachrome 160T

In the best light……


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