Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Bow Storm

Bow Storm

The Bow is the tallest office tower in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I shot here earlier in the year with Peter Carroll and made a blog post featuring the sculpture Wonderland. This time I went with Mike Fitton just after Christmas. We had stopped for coffee in Inglewood (about 12 blocks away) and walked back to the car it was a nice cool winter evening (about 5c). When I pulled up in front of the skyscraper the temperature had dropped to –12c with a wind chill of –20c. The wind nearly ripped the car door out of my hand when I opened it. Bundled up against the cold, we went ahead with the photo shoot. The weather warning had materialized instantly and I nearly froze my finger tips in my fingerless gloves. I looked up and could see the storm rolling over the top of the building. I didn’t want to take the time to set up my tripod and had been shooting hand held. The shot metered 1/4 second and I knew that I couldn’t stand there and hold the camera steady. So, I laid on my back on a bench in front of the plaza, locked my elbows and clicked the shutter.

In the best light…

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