Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Best Of Twenty Thirteen

Cloud Feathers

2013 didn’t seem to be a banner year for me. With half of the shots taken from the previous four years, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this year’s Top Thirteen.



Cloud Feathers-

Driving near Banff, I came across a most unusual cloud formation. A simple click after framing the shot was all it took.

Tree Silhouette

Tree Silhouette-

This one was taken on a drive in the country with my wife Sherri. I saw the tree on the edge of the coulee while we were near the bottom. The strong sky suggested a silhouette, so I deliberately underexposed to get the effect.

Lesser Yellowlegs

Lesser Yellowlegs-

I managed this shot while bird watching with my wife. We made it out to Slack’s Slough, south of Red Deer, just before sunset, after this, the light faded. Typically of this year’ best, it was shot in the company of others.

Mountain Light

Mountain Light-

Along with the opening image, this one was taken while on my own. This saddle in Yoho National Park, between Field and Golden, BC, had amazing afternoon light. After conversion to black and white, the image reminded me of work of the late Galen Rowell. Hopefully not comparing myself to him, I named the image after his seminal book in tribute to one of my favourite photographers.

Hank Again

Hank Again-

Sherri and I visited her friend’s farm, and she fell in love with one of the friend’s dogs. Hank is a very calm dog and didn’t mind posing for me. I loved the expressive eyes, making this one a winner.

Mt Rundle And Vermillion Lakes 3

Mt Rundle And Vermillion Lakes 3-

At an workshop with David DuChemin, on a fine March afternoon, this was the scene before me.

One Tree, Two Trees

One Tree, Two Trees-

Taken on a photo jaunt with Dave Brosha and Stephen Desroches in Banff National Park. I thought there was something Dr Seuss like about this image.

Wonderland At The Bow

Wonderland At The Bow-

Wonderland is an art installation in front of the new Bow Building in downtown Calgary. I was there doing some night photography with Peter Carroll from Edmonton.

Nail Shadow

Nail Shadow-

Bragg Creek was the venue for an photowalk with Darwin Wiggett and Samantha Chrysanthou. I saw the nails sticking out of the weathered wood, but the shadow across the boards made the image.

Hillside Sentinel

Hillside Sentinel-

Another drive in the country with my wife brought us to this abandoned house overlooking a wide valley.



Groundhog Day was a photowalk at the Calgary Zoo organized by Mike Fitton and myself. It was a beautiful day out and this tiger appeared to have just enjoyed a tasty treat.

Happy Feet

Happy Feet-

Also on the Calgary Zoo photowalk, the zoo has a program where they take the penguins out for a walk on certain days in the winter. This was very entertaining to watch.

Sunset Barn

On New Year’s Day, Sherri and I went out for a photo drive and I shot this old shed in the late afternoon light. There was an odd mixture of cool and warm light.

I hope you continue to enjoy my photography in 2014.

In the best light……


2 responses

  1. Some amazing images! You captured some real dandies! Great work! I enjoyed this post immensely! Look forward to seeing more of them from ya! Thanks much for sharing!


    December 30, 2013 at 06:47

  2. Great to see your best from the past year John. The old shed photo in the snow is especially nice. Have a great New Year!


    December 30, 2013 at 12:23

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