Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Rundle And Moon

Mount Rundle And Moon

Honestly, I had been planning on going out and doing some local shooting on Sunday evening before doing my weekly writing, but something spoiled my plans. It’s Tuesday evening and I’m feeling better but not well enough to head out for some shooting. My brain is still a little fuzzy and I’m moving slow, so work is not a good plan either.

Here’s an image from 2009 taken at Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park. This shot was taken before sunrise with Mount Rundle and a crescent moon. I kept the shore line in deep shadow to preserve the delicate color coming from the soon to rise sun. It might have been nicer to get out along the lakeshore a little farther to get more of the reflection from the mountain in the picture. As I recall, the water was high and the shore fairly dark and difficult to see or locate. Did I mention the mud? There are places near the edge where you will be walking on somewhat firm ground and your next step can be up over your ankles or higher. Never great especially if you are by yourself.

In the best light…

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