Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Sunrise At Two Jack Lake

No Time To Picnic

I was booked for the Sunday afternoon photo session at Vermillion Lakes with David DuChemin as part of the Persistent Vision weekend. Dave Brosha had flown down from Yellowknife, NWT for the weekend and was also on the afternoon shoot. Dave wanted to do some additional shooting in the Rocky Mountains, so I offered to join him.

On Sunday morning at 6AM Dave, Stephen DesRoches and I headed out in the blowing snow, in the dark to get to Banff National Park for sunrise. We would be at Vermillion Lakes later in the day so we started out at Two Jack Lake. I thought it was reasonably close to the town of Banff and had some nice views. We ended up breaking trail out to Two Jack and were the only ones in the parking lot.

East Coast chillin' in Banff #realbanff

Later in the morning with no appearance of the sun, we decided to grab some breakfast at Melissa’s.

In the best light…


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