Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Zooming Around Town

City Burst

As Pablo Picasso supposedly once said “Good artist copy, great artists steal”. I met my friends Peter Carroll and Royce Howland out on a hill above downtown Calgary for some night shooting this past weekend. Peter was trying some zooming shots, and so I thought that I might give it a go as well.

Tower Zoom

I started at the wide setting on my zoom lens and in the 3-5 second exposure, I manually zoomed the lens in. The key is to get the exposure right so that the colors are not overexposed and not all washed out. I got close on the camera’s meter and made minor adjustments in Manual mode. The top frame was an early successful attempt. Later, I thought to center the Calgary Tower and have all of the lines pointing to the tower. When some thing is in the center of the image the object grows slightly during zooming but is not as distorted as objects near the edge of the frame.

In the best light…


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