Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Peyto Mist

Peyto Mist

My sister Sheila once worked at Tekarra Color Labs, a photo finisher in Jasper, Alberta. She said that Peyto Lake was the most photographed spot that she saw coming out of the film processor that summer.

Even in the poor weather that we experienced, it is an amazing sight. The lake is almost a turquoise color and has a distinctive dog’s head shape. The view point is a fairly short hike from the parking lot but, at nearly 7000 ft. elevation, it can be quite strenuous for those not acclimatized to the heights. The view point itself is over 600 ft. above the lake surface. A storm is coming down the valley and obscuring the view in the distance. This is one of those photos that have a sentimental attraction or personal significance to the photographer. You can’t tell that it was lightly snowing big flakes on the way back to the car. It was the first time that my wife Sherri had seen the lake, which made it extra special to her.


So, Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Sherri. Here’s to many more great trips!

In the best light…


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