Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Where To Go For Great Pictures

Winter Leaves

For the cheapest photo trip try your back yard. If you live in an apartment, check out the grounds and nearby parks.

We had a quick freeze this year and many of the plants and trees didn’t have time to drop their leaves. A back lit rose bush caught my eye.

Snow And Twigs

A few steps to the left and the mostly bare twigs against the snow framed up nicely for another image. Five minutes outside with my camera and I got a couple of good shots.

You don’t have to go on globe spanning travels to get great pictures, they may be right in front of you. Although I wouldn’t turn down world travel if it was offered to me! I think it is important to get out and shoot pictures regularly. Professional athletes get out and practice every day, why wouldn’t an aspiring amateur get out and practice once a week?

In the best light…


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