Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

World’s Worst Photowalk?


My wife and I signed up for the Worldwide Photowalk in Banff this year. The meet time was set for 2PM at the Cascade Mall. We arrived at 1:45 PM and left at 2:15 PM after nobody showed up. So we decided to do our own thing. We wandered through town but decided we didn’t like the overcast or the crowds. Then headed out to Lake Louise where we ran through a minor snowstorm and faced some light rain when we got there. Moraine Lake Road was closed for the season so we headed up to the Chateau, where we spent an hour shooting. Afterward we made our way back to Vermillion Lakes. I bypassed number 2 where road construction and other vehicle were taking up the parking. I shot at number 3 for a while as the light changed. The rain and snow were moving in from Lake Louise, so I packed up and went to turn around. As I came up to the turnaround, I saw that the bay on the west side of Vermillion Lakes #3 was wind free and smooth as glass. So I parked again and got this shot!

In the best light…

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