Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

The Bear Essentials

Look Back

It’s been almost exactly three years since I was last at Waterton Lakes National Park.

The last time the only bear we spotted was over a mile away up on the hill side. This time, I managed to see four bears on the Red Rock Canyon road. This large healthy black bear was the best view and the second one I saw. The first ducked into the bushes before I could get my camera into action, the third way up on the mountain side, and the fourth ducked into the brush after a car pulled up too close.

Leaf Chomp

This was the fourth bear before the car showed up. I was sitting in my car quietly waiting for the bear to continue it’s normal activities for a better shot. I’m sure that readers of my blog know how to behave around wildlife. Give them some space, don’t crowd them. Honking won’t make them smile for your pictures. Feeding any wildlife in a National Park is illegal. Have fun shooting pictures of wildlife but always make sure you are safe.

In the best light…


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