Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

It’s A Massey-Harris

Massey-Harris Model #44 "Orchard"

This is a rare Massey-Harris model #44 Orchard number 25 out of 125 produced.

The Massey company grew from a small Canadian firm to become one of the world’s largest farm implement manufacturers. Originally known as the "Newcastle Agricultural Works", the Massey company was established in 1847 in Newcastle, Ontario by Daniel Massey. In 1879, the company changed its name to the Massey Manufacturing Company and moved from Newcastle to King Street West in Toronto, Ontario. In 1891, when Massey amalgamated with Harris, the new Massey-Harris company accounted for more that 50% of all farm implement sales in Canada.

Wallis - Massey Harris

Wallis tractors were built in Racine, Wisconsin by J.I. Case’s son in law Henry Wallis. The company was sold in 1928 to Massey Harris.

Massey Harris

In 1938 Massey Harris introduced the model 101 and changed the name to the 101 Super with the development of the 101 Junior in 1938. It was a radical design change with the vertical grill and the fully louvered side panels. This one is still missing a few of the chrome bars on the front.

In the best light…


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  1. What a great article and fabulous photos . .. being a farmer’s daughter this brings back many memories.


    August 31, 2012 at 09:24

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