Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Built Like A Mack Truck

1912 Mack

In 1911 Mack merged with Sauer Motor Company and became the International Motor Truck Corporation, not to be confused with International Harvester the maker of International trucks.

They also bought the Seitz Company in 1910 and Hewitt Motor Company in 1912. The need for more operating capital attracted the attention of JP Morgan who took control of the corporation and installed his own executives. This caused the departure of the Mack brothers by 1913. The above truck is a Mack Senior open cab.

Brass Macks

This polished brass radiator tank comes from a late 1920’s Mack AB. The side of the hood ornament facing the driver shows a thermometer that goes down into the coolant to show the temperature.

Mack Winch Truck

The famous Mack bulldog didn’t make it’s appearance until 1932, placing this little winch truck in the mid 1930’s. Owned by Ron Carey of J&L Supply, Carey is a great benefactor of Pioneer Acres in Irricana, Alberta, where all of these pictures were taken.

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