Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Gee Our Old LaSalle Ran Great

LaSalle Flying Lady

The LaSalle Flying Lady is possibly the nicest hood ornaments of all North American cars.

The title of this post is obvious to any Baby Boomer as having come from the theme song from the 1970’s sitcom All in the Family.

LaSalle Trunk

LaSalle was a brand of General Motors’ Cadillac division. Often I take a quick snap of the show card in the window, that identifies the vehicle and model year, for later reference, but neglected to do so this time. It is a LaSalle and I believe that it is from the early 1930’s.

When you talked about the car trunk, in this case it is an actual trunk. This is a meticulously restored vehicle, the fit and finish are fantastic.

LaSalle Cowl

This is a fine example of the design talent of a then young and now legendary Harley Earl. Earl was commissioned to design the LaSalle and was subsequently hired as the first director of GM’s Art and Color Section. Further promotions made Harley Earl the first stylist to be come the VP of a major corporation.

Have you found any gems in your travels?

In the best light…

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