Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Prairie Skies

Distant Grain Bins

The cottony wisps of puffy white clouds has always held an allure for me. Growing up in a rural area, I played under an expansive sky as a young boy.

I love the open airy feeling of the prairies, and the afternoon light accentuates the golden color of the ripening wheat with a matching shade in the warm clouds. The distant grain bins add a sense of scale to the image.

Wheat Field Evening

Underexposing by a full f-stop to prevent the sun from blowing out to badly, creates a more dramatic sky and clouds. I had to slightly lighten the foreground field to bring back the rich deep amber of the grain ready for harvest. Watching the weather change is a large part of my driving day, and something that I still enjoy.

In the best light…


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