Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Mammatus Clouds

Banff Mammatus by John Fujimagari (JohnFujimagari) on
Banff Mammatus by John Fujimagari

Mammatus clouds are an interesting phenomenon, occurring rarely in this area, most often in conjunction with anvil clouds. This one was no exception that way. A few miles after taking this image, in Banff National Park, I encountered a huge downpour. This was only the third occurrence that I recall seeing mammatus clouds, and those of you who follow my work know that I am an avid sky watcher. I am a firm believer, that bad weather makes good photography. Just remember to protect yourself and your equipment when shooting in inclement weather. When out in a little light rain, I recommend Rain Sleeves by Op/Tech. They are light weight, easy to pack with you, and are quite inexpensive. In the case of downpours; there are heavier duty rain protection products like Think Tank’s Hydrophobia line or Aqua Tech’s Sports Shield. When thunder and lightning are present, I would not recommend going out in the open.

In the best light…

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