Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Creating A Panorama

University Of Lethbridge To The High Level Bridge

A quick and easy method.

I was out scouting locations with Mike Fitton on June 23rd. We were looking for vantage points to view the University of Lethbridge from across the river.

You can see the building from many places along Scenic Drive but not many places from which to photograph.

A little history, the University of Lethbridge’s striking University Hall was opened in 1971, and was designed by famed Canadian architect Arthur Erickson.  It can be seen in the upper left of the image. On the upper right of the image, is the Lethbridge Viaduct or more commonly known as the High Level Bridge. The bridge was built between 1907 and 1909 at a cost of $1,334,525.00.

We found an Off Leash Dog Park that had a trail leading out the the bluffs. (The hills in the river valleys are locally known as coulees.) I found a good view and started shooting a hand held series of overlapping images. I tried my best to keep all of the images in line with the same proportion of sky and land. I shot in a vertical format to increase the amount of foreground and to get more detail in the image.

Here are original frames:


I saved the RAW files out to JPEG format and opened all 11 in ArcSoft Panorama Maker 4 and ran the stitch. I saved the JPEG and opened it up in Nikon Capture NX2 to add some contrast and make some minor adjustments to the light levels. Not all of the frames had the same exposure. On my DSLR, I would normally shoot in Manual Exposure to make sure the all images had equivalent brightness.

I uploaded a reduced size image to Flickr. Even though at 3000 pixels wide, it was one of the largest files that I’ve ever displayed on Flickr, the original file is over 19000 pixels wide.

In the best light…

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