Photography and commentary from John Fujimagari

Spring Flowers

Apple Blossoms

The trees and bushes were all in bloom when Mike Fitton and I were last in the Inglewood district of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The wind was blowing when this shot was taken and it was hard to find a moment when the wind was not moving the branches around. Looking at the preview in the LCD on the back of the camera, the image looked sharp, but seeing it on the computer, there was a slight back focus. I still liked the composition and didn’t shoot a backup frame, so I went with the softer look and added some Glamour Glow and a touch of fog.

White Lilac Buds

The buds on the white lilacs were just about to open.

Caragana Flowers

The bright yellow flowers of the Caragana (or Siberian Peashrub) were out in full color.

Lilac Flowers

I was fascinated to see that the deep magenta buds, of this variety of lilac, turned to a pale violet when the flowers opened. The final three images had mostly contrast adjustments and minor color enhancements. All were shot using my Nikon Coolpix P6000.

In the best light…


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